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Full text of "Action of medical associations, in favor of the introduction of homoeopathy into the army and navy"

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Introduction of Homceopathy into the Army and Navy. 

I. Massachusetts Horn. Med. Society. 

The following statement and resolution were unanimously 
adopted at a recent meeting of the Massachusetts State Homoeo- 
pathic Medical Society : 

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, 
hi Congress assembled: 

The Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society beg leave to 
state, that from New England alone petitions for the admission of 
Homoeopathic Surgeons into the Army and Navy have recently 
been presented to Congress, signed by more than thirty thousand 
legal voters, embracing a large number of persons in high official 
position, persons eminent for intelligence, respectability and 
wealth, and representing all classes and interests of society. Nu- 
merously signed petitions of a similar character have been pre- 
sented from other sections of the loyal States, and also from 
various regiments now in the service of the Government. 

This Society would further represent, that Homoeopathy is a 
well-tried and demonstrated system of medical practice, based upon 
an established law of nature, and has stood the test of rigid and 
accurate observation in Europe and in this country, in public 
institutions and in private practice, among the most discriminating 
and conservative classes, and is now fully established in the confi- 
dence of every intelligent community :— That in Europe it has no 
less than twelve hospitals, and numerous dispensaries, and in this 
country is practiced by more than three thousand five hundred 
educated physicians, has five legally authorized Medical Colleges, 
and supports several hospitals and dispensaries:— That J lomceo- 
pathy is, by the action of various Medical Boards, virtually ex- 

eluded from the Army. The Medical Commission of Massachu- 
setts has by vote declared, that it cannot recommend any surgeons 
believing in it ; the Medical Commissions of other States have in 
a discourteous manner refused to examine Homoeopathic Surgeons ; 
and the Army Medical Board at Washington has sedulously en- 
deavored to exclude from the Army all Homoeopathic Surgeons, 
and from the Army Hospitals all Homoeopathic practice. 

And as, in many of the regiments now in the service, a large 
number have been accustomed to, and prefer Homoeopathic treat- 
ment, therefore, this Society respectfully and earnestly request 
Congress to make such provision as shall meet the wants of this 
class, and would recommend the following propositions : — 

1st. Whenever any considerable portion of the officers and 
soldiers of any brigade desire to have a Homoeopathic Surgeon 
attached to the brigade, such additional Surgeon shall be appointed. 

2d. Whenever a majority in any regiment desire a Homoeopathic 
Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon, such appointments shall be made. 

3d. Wherever Army Hospitals are established, a fair proportion 
of them shall be devoted to Homoeopathic treatment. 

4th. As allopathic surgeons are by their education and position 
Decessaiily disqualified for intelligently examining candidates in 
Homoeopathic medicine, an additional Examining Board shall be 
appointed for this purpose, composed of surgeons skilled in Ho- 
moeopathic medicine. 

As in this emergency of our country the utmost catholicity is 
very justly and properly allowed in all the religious and political 
appointments of the army, this Society deem it in the highest 
degree intolerant to exclude thoroughly educated and competent 
Homoeopathic surgeons, whose appointment would, by exciting 
emulation, naturally serve to elevate the standard of medical skill, 
and secure for the soldiers increased care and attention. 

Resolved, That a copy of the above statement be sent to Hon. 
Henry Wilson of the United States Senate, and Hon. B. F.Thom- 
as of the House of Representatives, with the request that it be 
presented to both Houses of Congress. 

II. Miami Horn. Med. Association. 

Whereas, The exclusion of Homoeopathic physicians from the 
army and navy of the United States being illegal and unjust, and 
thus violating every principle of humanity, by forcing a system of 
medical practice upon those who utterly discard and refuse the 

same when at home, and thereby preventing a large class of intel- 
ligent, and competent surgeons from engaging in this important 
department of practice ; and 

Whereas, Our friends at home and in the army and navy are 
feeling indignant at the injustice of such illegal arrangement, we, 
the members of the Miami Homoeopathic Medical Association, do 
present to the Western Institute of Homoeopathy the following 
resolutions, expressing the sentiments and feelings of the Homoeo- 
pathic physicians of this great valley : 

Resolved, That the Homoeopathic physicians of the United 
States do, in a body, join in one loud and solemn protest against 
the continuation of such injustice; and that we in a suitable doc- 
ument appeal to the proper authorities that we be granted a d*ue 
proportion of the medical and surgical practice in the army and 
navy of the United States, during the present war, and for all 
time to come. 

Resolved, That we deem this just to our friends, who are ex- 
posing themselves to extreme dangers, and who, will call us to an 
account fo'r our apparent silence, unless we act with energy, per- 
severance and power. 

III. Western Institute of Homcepathy. 

In view of the comparatively superior benefits to suffering 
humanity that follow the introduction of the Homoeopathic sys- 
tem of medicine, wherever it has been practiced, and 

Whereas, The brave defenders of our common nationality 
demand of the government all the means and appliances that the 
most enlightened and progressive medical practice can bestow, in 
consideration for the risk to health and limb that is cheerfully 
yielded for the preservation and perpetuation of our national exist- 
ence, therefore 

Be it Resolved, That the Western Institute of Homoeopathy 
does hereby pledge itself to use all due diligence and effort to 
secure to the army and navy of the United States the introduc- 
tion of this beneficent system of practice. 

The passage of the resolutions was strenuously urged by Drs. 
Franklin, Long, Pratt, Douglas, Belding, Hale, Small and others, 
who were very earnest in their denunciation of the allopathic phy- 
sicians, and the policy of the administration that excludes Ho- 
moeopathic physicians from the army and navy. 

The resolution* offered by Dr. Franklin were then unanimously 

Dr. Franklin moved that a committee of three, members of 
the Institute, be chosen to take general charge of this matter ; 
and that the committee have power to appoint sub-committees in 
every State, city and town throughout the country. 

The motion was unanimously carried, and Drs. E. C. Franklin, 
of St. Louis, G. D. Beebe, of Chicago, and S. R. Beckwith, ot 

Cleveland, were chosen as such committee. 

IV. Horn. Med. Society State of New York. 

Resolved, Thai the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State 
of New York would respectfully urge upon Congress the import- 
ance of passing a bill, at its present session, making Homoeopathic 

physicians equally eligible with other practitioners for the appoint- 
ment of surgeons in the army and navy, for the following reasons: 

1. T/ir extensive diffusion and general recogniton af Homoeop- 

Ilomu'opathy is now practiced in all portions of the civilized 
world; Homoeopathic journals are published in almost all European 
languages; Homoeopathic hospitals and dispensaries are acknow- 
ledged and supported by governments in various countries in Eu- 
rope, and many of these countries have sanctioned and encouraged 
this mode of practice by special legislative enactments ; it has its 
professors in European universities, and its numerous court physi- 
cians at continental courts, and while almost unknown at the com- 
mencement of this century, has since been spreading with a ra- 
pidity unparalleled in the history of medicine. Homoeopathy has 
also for many years been generally known in this country, and 
now numbers its practitioners by thousands, and its adherents by 
millions, a very large proportion of whom are among the most 
intelligent and wealthy classes in every community in the loyal 
States, whose means and influence are now given to the adminis- 
tration in all its measures. 

2. As an act of justice to a large number of soldiers in the 
army and navy, u;ho prefer the Homeopathic treatment. 

Many thousands of our citizens who arc accustomed to Homoeo- 
pathic treatment are enlisted in the regular and volunteer forces, 
and consider it one of the most severe privations of the service 

that they are prevented from enjoying the benefits of this humane 
method of treatment. While these citizens are deovoting their 
lives to the service of their country, in this her hour of peril, they 
have a right to ask that, when stricken down by disease or casu- 
alty, they may have that system of practice in which alone they 
have confidence. 

3. On account of the far larger percentage of cures in all hos- 
pital diseases under the Homoeopathic than under the Allop>athic 

The most reliable stattctics have shown that the average mor- 
tality of hospital disease is only six per cent, under Homoeopathic, 
while it amounts to ten per cent, under Allopathic treatment, 
and that the proportion of deaths from inflammation of the lungs 
is three times as great, and that from typhus fever twice as great 
under Allopathic treatment as it is under Homoeopathic ; and, 
that even of those who do recover under the former, the duration of 
disease is far longer than under the latter. Is it then of no impor- 
tance that four out of every ten of our brave soldiers, who now 
die, might be saved ? 

4. On account of the recognized legal status of Homoeopathy 
in the several States. 

The Homoeopathic profession has in most, if not in all the loyal 
States, the same recognized legal status as the Allopathic, is com- 
posed of equally well qualified and well educated physicians — 
graduates of legally incorporated medical colleges, most of whom 
were formerly practitioners in, and are now converts from, the 
Allopathic school. To the knowledge of Allopathy thus acquired, 
they have merely superadded a knowledge of Homoeopathy, and 
believing the latter the more successful method, choose to prac- 
tice it. The States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois 
and Missouri, have each Homoeopathic colleges within their limits, 
incorporated by their respective Legislatures with all the rights 
of Allopathic colleges, including the privilege of conferring diplo- 
mas on their graduates, entitling them to practice medicine and 
surgery. Under State laws, therefore, Homoeopathists are equally 
eligible to all appointments within the gift of the government as 
other physicians. There is no more valid reason for any discrim- 
ination in favor of the Allopathic, and adverse to the Homoeo- 
pathic profession in respect to appointments in the army and navy, 
than there would be in refusing a chaplain a commission because 
not a member of a particular religious sect. 


5. It will elevate the standard of medical skill in the army and 

The introduction of Homoeopathy will afford the country an 
opportunity of witnessing the benefits of this mode of treatment 
as compared with that now employed ; and, by creating a gen- 
erous emulation, will elevate the standard of medical skill, and 
cause a better system of practice to prevail even in that portion 
of the army which remains under the mode of treatment at 
present in use.